Monday, October 3, 2011


What an event! Who knew getting our child ready for Kindergarten would have caused so much heartache and tears. No one could have prepared us for this road. I thought I was doing my part by touring all the Lottery schools and researching the differences in; Public, Private, Magnet, Montessori, Homeschool and much more. I kept thinking how nice it would be to live in Iona ( where I grew up ) "where everybody knows your na-a-ame, but we don't. I had to pull myself together and come to grips with the fact Marley would attend the school we are zoned for ( my least favorite option ) and life would go on. Three days into the school year our prayers were answered. I got the call!! Marley had been picked to attend one of our top choices for school. YAAAAY!! Hallelujah!! and many tears of joy. This school is actually Spanish Immersion so she is currently learning the basics of the Spanish language. How fun is that?!? She has a magnificent teacher who is from Guatemala and has lived all across the country devoting her time in service. She is such an angel!

First Day of School ( yes, we get to wear the lovely uniforms. I get the reason for it, but I also want the freedom of style! )

Marley and her class.

Marley with her teacher

Marley with her cousin Emery, who came to visit for her school tea party.

With her BFF getting ready for her 1st field trip to the Apple Orchard.

and at the Orchard

She is having SO much fun being a Kindergartner. There hasn't been a day she's not excited to go to school! This makes driving her and picking her up everyday soooo easy for me.

Aria has started school too!! LOL. The ladies where Marley attending MDO ( mothers day out ) begged me to start bringing Aria. They had watched her grow since she was in my belly, and they have adored her since. I was a little skeptical beings that she's so young and I'd never left Marley at that age, but I'm so glad we decided to do so. She loves her Tuesdays and Thursdays playing with her friends and being taken care of by the two sweetest ladies. Every time I go to pick her up it's as if she doesn't even care I'm there. Rather than putting her arms out for me, she just keeps playing and doing what she was doing before she'd even seen me. I really am happy she enjoys her time there.

She has also improved on her walking. She hasn't fully exploded on the idea of it yet, but she takes time to practice each day. She loves walking from couch to couch and she'll squat to pick up a toy then stand all the way up and maybe take a step or two then stand awhile longer. She totally has the leg strength and I just think she's holding out until Daddy gets back. :)

I am so proud of the growth both my girls have made. I am so blessed to be their Mom.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday Girl

A year ago today my youngest was born. I remember it like it was yesterday. How does that happen?! This pic was taken on the 4th of July last year.....

Then 4 days later

Now she's 1 and full of so much fun!


Sunday, February 13, 2011


HOW THE TIME DOES FLY. Aria is now 7 months. Puh, hockey puck. On one hand I can't hardly believe it, but on the other I totally can. She is the same size Marley was at 12+ months. Prepare yourself this gorgeous sweetie pie has grown a ton since last you saw her.

She is sitting up now, trying to master rolling over, says DaDa and we're workin on the MoMa, adores her sister and is so good with a cloth diaper routine. We are SO proud of her!

Marley is growing too. Although she may not be making too quick of a difference physically her vocabulary is shocking. HAHA! The other day ago I told her she could go to her room if she was going to have a bad attitude and she said " May as well, Huuum!" .... and so it begins. LOL. No really, aside from being a little ham from time to time she really is a wonderfully smart little girl. She is Mommas little helper and the greatest sister to Aria.

I MUST say that I love my girls. OH! And Daddy too. HAHA> Seriously, things are going very well for us and I am smiling from my liver. ( Eat Pray Love )

P.S. Don't be jealous that our last family picture was taken at Christmas time ..... with Arias bruised cheek. Poor thing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 Months

Can you believe it?! I don't have too much time to write, but life is good. Aria is just over 2 months, smiling and starting to coo. I LOVE it! Marley just started Pre-K and really enjoys it. It's been a beautiful HOT summer. Things are starting to cool off and I am in Heaven with all the smells and colors of Fall coming on. Much Love to you all. *MUAH*

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aria Mae Williams

Is here!!! She was born July 8th ... her due date, at 6:33pm after a 2hr and 33 min. labor. She weighed 7.5 and was 21" long. Healthy and beautiful baby. We've been spending much of our time resting but I wanted to quickly post some pics for your viewing pleasure and thank you all for your love and support.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Okay so it's not officially summer yet, but it sure feels like it. We are hitting record highs with a heat index of 102 degrees. AAAUUUHH!! Good thing we have a fantastic neighbor with a pool who just adores Marley. With it being so hot we've been spending most of our days splashing around and because of this Marley is beginning to teach herself how to swim. She is the cutest fish I've ever seen!!

The Mothers Day Out program Marley attends puts on a Summer Bible Camp and she decided she'd like to try it out this year. She is really enjoying it. Nathan and I decided to pick her up early one evening because we were missing her and we stumbled upon a little treat. Her group "The Butterflies" were getting ready to sing in front of all the other classes. She started singing, "Everyday I'm growin up a little bit" and the tears just started coming. She is still and will forever be my little baby but OH MY GOSH!!! I caught such a grown up side to her as she lit up the stage singing her growing up song. I love and adore this precious angel with all my heart.

Okay so remember me saying it feels like 102 degrees here? Let me also mention that I am now 37 wks and sweating profusely. LOL! I could sure use some of that cool Idaho weather some of you are experiencing. Anybody up for a house swap?? HA HA. I really shouldn't complain. I've made it this far and I could have the baby any day now. HOW EXCITING!!! I would like to say that I will miss being pregnant and maybe some where down the road I will, but I CANNOT wait to hold this precious, sweet miracle in my arms, kiss her checks, rock her to sleep, bond during feeding times, dress her in her cute clothes, watch Marley become a BIG sister and most off all watch them grow together as loving sisters.


Friday, May 7, 2010

My sister in law, Jessie took me out to do some "Belly Beautiful" photos the morning of my Birthday. Talk about a FUN way to kick off the day feeling extra special. Thanks sweetie!! Doesn't she just have a natural eye for photography? I am 30 wks in these.

Then the day after my birthday my sisters threw me a Baby Shower. They did such a wonderful job!! I am SO blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support. We ate some delicious food, tie -dyed onsie's, played a questioner game and just enjoyed each others company. WHAT A BLAST!!!

The evening of my baby shower was the beginning of the FLOOD. My girlfriends weren't able to make it because they had started closing highways. CRAZY!!! It rained for 2 days straight. Nashville hadn't had this much water since the 1930's. Lucky no one in our family had much damage but here is a peek at our neighborhood just across the street from us.

The car and truck in these photos had floated down the river from off the highway miles away. Semi's were being washed away and we even had a house floating down the highway. SO much damage has been done .... Oprymills and Land got flooded, the Ryman Auditorium was flooded along with Downtown. There is A LOT of work to be done and our prayers go out to those family's in need.

Just a general idea of what it looked like after the water had drained out. You can't even see the river from the road.