Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Creek Falls

We got to enjoy a family camping trip to Fall Creek Falls this past weekend and enjoyed every second of it. Our first day there we took a short 2 mile hike around all the scenic look outs then down into the bottom of the falls. Marley was such a trooper. She really loves hiking! We only carried her for short periods of time in the backpack and she did the rest on her own. I am VERY proud of her. (in one picture you can see her trying to catch a quick nap while riding on my back) She says her favorite park of the camp out was "sitting by the camp fire". Nothing like smelling like some good ole' camp fire. Mmmm hummm.

The second day we made up our own hike. We just ventured off into the forest behind our camp site. BEAUTIFUL! We saw 8 deer on this hike. I LOVE being outdoors enjoying goods creations! It so balancing for me. The leafs are just starting to change so it was fun to spy all the red leafs. Marley started collecting the acorns and shiny rocks. It was SO cute, she kept singing "Sing oh for the expedition, sing oh for the life of a pig" off Piglets BIG movie. After our hike we did some bike riding then a little swimming afterwards. The water was super cold but we were daring and once we got in it was actually fine. The water has been so low the past couple of years that you can actually stand on top of Cane creek falls and get a fabulous view.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. We had a PRO raccoon break into our cooler. How in the heck does a raccoon know how to open a cooler! Well anyway he stole our chicken for the next nights dutch oven. Little rascal. Nathan and I spotted him hanging around the night after plotting his next move. Too bad we hid everything in the truck. Haa, ha, ha!


amanda said...

sounds like so much fun...i also love being outside in nature. your family is adorable.

Jessie and kids said...

Your blog is so cute! Way to upgrade. I love the backgrounds! You are a pro!
And your pictures are beautiful too! Looks like your trip was so fun!

Christy said...

What's with all the secrecy Mandy? I had no idea you had your own blog and that you posted pic elsewhere. How come you never mention that? Cute pics. :)