Saturday, October 25, 2008

Marleys Party

Marleys Birthday is not until Monday but we decided to have her Princess and Prince party today. I let her choose a theme for the party and I have to tell you that it was a toss up there for awhile between Spider Man and Princess....but luckily Princess won! We made some cute invitations together....she chose the paper and accessories while I cut and glued them together.

At her party we had taco soup, (which she chose) played pin the wand on the princess, then sat in a circle sharing our thoughts and feelings about Marley. This "game" was my favorite. I really enjoyed watching her appreciate the words that were spoken and the love that was being shared just for her. I came up with this idea while thinking of something we could do that doesn't require prizes or candy (seems how everyone's pretty sugared up around this time of year) and got to thinking that REALLY a birthday party IS about more than gifts. To me it's simply the presence of loved ones joining together to celebrate the happiness and joy it brings having you in their I called around and asked everyone if they wouldn't mind sharing some thoughts or memories they cherish most about MarBear (aslo writing it on paper so I can keep it in her memory box) and I'm sure glad they did! I can tell it made her day very special.

Some things that were said:

"We love your adventurous spirit. We love to watch you swim and climb. You love to be outdoors and explore. Most of all we just love you!" (from Auntie Kimberly, Uncle Jordan and Meredith)

"I love how feminine you are in everything you do. The way you run, throw, jump and talk. It is so cute how you push your little curls out of your face. " (Uncle Nic)

"I remember when you'd come visit us uncles and work you use to show off your shoes. Lifting your let up so we could see what shoes you had on that day, you'd say oooos, oooos. " (Uncle Quinn)

........and now she's taking her nap so we can have energy to go to our next event which is games and trunk-or-treating at the church......I think we'll skip the trunk-or-treating since the poor thing crashed from too much cake and ice-cream. :)

P.S. If you take note in the pictures she goes from all the way princess straight to LOVIN on her new transformers toy. She cracks me up. I LOVE HER!!!


amanda said...

what a beautiful princess!

Jessie and kids said...

That was a great birthday! Don't forget, We love her smile and sweet hugs, Liam loves how excited she gets when he comes over. Isa loves when she reads books with Marley and I can't remember Morgan's. We certainly are blessed to have such a great niece!!!

Trevor - Dezi - Jayvin and Kinzie Williams said...

Mandy she looks SO much like you! She is so pretty!