Saturday, February 7, 2009

Really Quick

I'm back!!! Life has been so wonderfully busy that I haven't had time to catch up on my blog....infact, I should be studying this very second, but I want to share my fun activities with you.
In January Marely and I was able to visit family in Idaho for almost the whole month! In the middle of recieving treatment during the weeks in Twin and visiting family in Idaho Falls for the weekends, I was able to slip away for a weeks vacation in Cancun with my hubby and his family. I've never been to Mexico so this was such a treat for me! I want to post some pictures of how beautiful and calm Cancun is this time of year. There's hardly any people there and the weather rocks!!
Hope you all are VERY well. Blessing your way.

P.S. In the second to last picture if you look at the waves in the back those are the ones we were riding on our boogie boards. Talk about CRAZY fun!!! I feel kinda silly putting all these pics of Nate and I on here. We haven't had that much time to ourselves.....well since Marley was born.


jeremy said...

first of all... sad i missed you while you were in idaho!! sounds like it was good to be "home".. nothing like it huh?!!
second... Cancun... so jealous! i love it there! that is where germ and i went on our honeymoon! there is nothing prettier than the color of the water there, right?!! amazing! sounds like you had a perfect vacay.. so good for couples to get away from "life" for a bit. your fabulous mandy.. love ya to death!

jeremy said...

umm.. this is kate by the way... gosh, i'm going to start making my husband look like a fruit if i keep making comments under his name. ha.

hanna terrill said...

Oh boogs, I can't tell you how much I wish we could have spent time together. Sorry I was so busy with family and all. I am so glad that you and Nate had time to yourselves. You guys deserve it!! I miss you guys so much. Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxox. Give miss Marley loves from her favotrite aunt!

p.s. You look beautiful, talk to you soon!

Holly said...

Oh Mandy... I think you need to post ALL of your pics! It is SO beautiful!! You are SO cute too! You and your hubby fit so perfectly together! I LOVE it!! Mexico does have some of the prettiest ocean water in the world! :)

The Bunnell Fam said...

You do have the most beautiful posts! Sounds like you have been having amazing times! I sure do miss you and your beautiful smile!! Have a fabulous week!