Friday, February 19, 2010

5 Months

Yesterday we hit the half way mark. That's right we are 5 months!! YAY! I am feeling SO much better and life is just beautiful. I haven't quit taken my 5 month photo so I'm going to share 4 months with you instead.

And here is MarBear at 4 months

Only instead of a girl she's having a boy. Nothing to do with actually wanting a boy because she wants to have a sister. I think she's just balancing things out. She has seriously been my angel through this pregnancy. She lets me take naps, brings me a glass of water incase I get thirsty and showers me with massages and kisses. The other day ago she asked if I wanted a peppermint and I said no then she replied with, " but you've been sick and your tummy will hurt". She was so concerned about me leaving the house without a peppermint to sooth my stomach if I started not feeling good. I LOVE HER!!

We had a few warm days last month and were able to go on an "adventure hike" as Marley calls them. I really adore watching her in the woods. She totally lights up and comes alive....completely in her element. She loves searching for acorns ( and has a huge collection ) bugs, animals and kissing trees. She has even named a few. We have a couple of warm days coming up again and we just can't wait to get out! Hope you all are enjoying your weather and making some adventures of your own.

Much Love!!


Trevor - Dezi - Jayvin and Kinzie Williams said...

Um....Marley looks more like someone who is four months not YOU!!.....Or is that just how I ALWAYS look at 4 months! No wonder I don't post my month to month sizes!!! YIKES!!

Jessie and kids said...

you look fantastic!!! I love it. That was a great post. What beautiful women. We're lucky to be adding another nate and mandy beauty to our sweet group! Love that mar bear~

Bon said...

Tiny little belly bump! You look so beautiful and fabulous! You are just radiating life and happiness! I love it!


Shannon Dooley said...

You are so tiny still! I'm so jealous! I look like I'm 7 months pregnant already. I've been blaming it on the fact it's my second baby but you just took that excuse away from me. You are beautiful my dear. So is Marley! So glad to hear you are feeling well.

Mandy said...

Shannon you just wait till you see my actually 5 month photo.....I've grown alot since 4 months!

Nicole said...

gorgeous girl! so excited for you guys. thanks for sharing pics.

Hanna in the House... said...

AHHHH, my beautiful tiny friend! I love that cute little bump, and Mar's big ole bump, too cute! I cannot wait to see you or that new little addition. You look beautiful boogs!


VicandNanc said...

Oh, I just love reading this now that I've got to see Marley's cute little personality first hand. It's funny to think that it was the first time I've seen her!