Friday, June 18, 2010


Okay so it's not officially summer yet, but it sure feels like it. We are hitting record highs with a heat index of 102 degrees. AAAUUUHH!! Good thing we have a fantastic neighbor with a pool who just adores Marley. With it being so hot we've been spending most of our days splashing around and because of this Marley is beginning to teach herself how to swim. She is the cutest fish I've ever seen!!

The Mothers Day Out program Marley attends puts on a Summer Bible Camp and she decided she'd like to try it out this year. She is really enjoying it. Nathan and I decided to pick her up early one evening because we were missing her and we stumbled upon a little treat. Her group "The Butterflies" were getting ready to sing in front of all the other classes. She started singing, "Everyday I'm growin up a little bit" and the tears just started coming. She is still and will forever be my little baby but OH MY GOSH!!! I caught such a grown up side to her as she lit up the stage singing her growing up song. I love and adore this precious angel with all my heart.

Okay so remember me saying it feels like 102 degrees here? Let me also mention that I am now 37 wks and sweating profusely. LOL! I could sure use some of that cool Idaho weather some of you are experiencing. Anybody up for a house swap?? HA HA. I really shouldn't complain. I've made it this far and I could have the baby any day now. HOW EXCITING!!! I would like to say that I will miss being pregnant and maybe some where down the road I will, but I CANNOT wait to hold this precious, sweet miracle in my arms, kiss her checks, rock her to sleep, bond during feeding times, dress her in her cute clothes, watch Marley become a BIG sister and most off all watch them grow together as loving sisters.



Jessie and kids said...

holy cow Mandy, that picture made me cry! it's so raw and beautiful and I love that you are just laughing. you are beautiful!

Christy said...

Love it all! You look great, sound great... I am so glad you guys liked the VBS this year. And girl, it is so hot I am not able to go outside as much as I would like. Idaho weather would be so welcomed now. :) Love you!!

VicandNanc said...

You are once again the sexiest prego ever! It sounds like you hate seeing Marly grow up & it is PERFECT timing for another little baby to be coming along :)

Shannon Dooley said...

That little Marley is so dang cute! & you my dear are SUCH a gorgeous pregnant lady. You are all belly & absolutely stunning. When is that little angel going to get here?? I can't wait to see pix!